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Colonoscopy Diagnosis Coding

A coder is seeking a guide to diagnostic coding for colonoscopies. Suggestions included: Coding FAQ – Screening Colonoscopy from AGA Coding Colonoscopies & Polypectomies Colonoscopy: Screening or Surveillance? Understanding How to Code Colonoscopies What do you use to code colonoscopies? Share your thoughts in PRN’s Coders Network Listserv. The information provided via Coder’s Corner and […]

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Diagnosis Code for Drug Seeker

A coder is looking for help coding a patient seeking a prescription for pain medication. She found V65.2 (feigning illness) and 305.XX. Responses included: “Which fits your document best?” “Get more info from the physician as to the specific details.” “The wisest thing to do is read the notes and talk to [your] MD before […]