SGR bill

Repeal of the SGR Bill

What does the repeal of the SGR bill mean? There was so much energy spent on the repeal of the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate formula.What does it mean for the average physician? How are we to interpret the results? The Medicare Sustainable Growth (SGR) formula was enacted by Congress as part of the Balanced Budget […]

computer security

Gangs of Hackers are After Healthcare

According to Symantec’s 2014 Internet Threat Report, Healthcare is the winner (not in a good way) of security breaches. The Hackers major focus on breaches increased 23% from 2013.  Healthcare breaches were up 37%, compared to 11% in retail and 10% in education. Healthcare Providers, Hospitals and Medical Groups need to be proactive today.  Patient […]

Internet security

Your Healthcare Records Have Been Stolen … Now What?

The hottest item for sale on the black market is healthcare information…your healthcare information!! ‘Threat Organizations’ aka Hackers, Cybercriminals, etc. are preying on the healthcare industry to steal patient information for many reasons and patient beware!! Most recently a large healthcare organization was hacked and over 80 million patient names were taken from this companies […]