PRN Advisors Launches New Healthcare Coder Database

November 3, 2015 — PRN Advisors is excited to announce it has invested in a cutting-edge software system for the second generation of the PRN Advisors Coder Database for healthcare coders. This system will allow PRN Advisors to match professionals in the network with employment and other work opportunities.

Joining the Coder Database is free. Coders just need to fill out a registration form found at

The new database is part of the next stage in PRN Advisors’ evolution. The company has received an increasing number of requests for coding and billing opportunities, with many organizations asking PRN Advisors to screen candidates and employment opportunities as a means to authenticate the job openings since many job postings found online are used to gather information on individuals as opposed to providing legitimate job opportunities.

“We are extremely excited many organizations have cited PRN Advisors as a trustworthy source of quality coders and resources,” said Jonathan Friedman, CEO of PRN Advisors. “We have had the good fortune of helping many healthcare professionals with the first generation of the PRN Advisors Coder Database. We plan to do even more with the second generation.”

Healthcare professionals are encouraged this news and the link to the registration form with friends and colleagues in the industry.