PRN Advisors Launches New Service to Help Healthcare Organizations Reduce Expenses

July 22, 2015 — PRN Advisors, a leading national provider of healthcare consulting and business services, announces the official launch of a new service line that will help healthcare organizations greatly reduce their costs.

PRN Advisors will provide Expense Reduction Services through partnerships with consultants who are experts in healthcare expenses. These consultants have already helped numerous healthcare organizations save tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Clients include hospitals and outpatient care facilities, physician practice groups, home health care services, nursing and other residential care facilities, diagnostic imaging centers and medical laboratories.

When an organization partners with PRN Advisors for Expense Reduction Services, a consultant, assigned to the organization, works to identify savings opportunities in numerous areas, including medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, insurance, payroll, employment services, maintenance contracts and telecommunications.

Using sophisticated analytic tools and benchmark pricing data from thousands of successful cost-reduction projects, consultants are able to deliver savings that average nearly 20%, with many organizations reducing expenses well above that figure. Savings are identified quickly, usually in less than 90 days, without compromise to quality or service. Once savings projects begin and changes are instituted, consultants continue to work with clients to ensure initiatives are successful and savings projections are achieved.

If consultants are unable to identify and achieve savings, there is no fee for the organization.

“We are excited to add Expense Reduction Services to the growing number of services provided by PRN Advisors,” says Jonathan Friedman, MBA, CPC, Principal of PRN Advisors. “Through the use of big data, we are helping healthcare organizations make smarter decisions about their spend and delivering substantial savings directly to the bottom line.”

To learn more about how PRN’s Expense Reduction Services can help your organization, contact PRN by clicking here, emailing (Subject: Expense Reduction Services) or calling (914) 712-8711.