Your Healthcare Records Have Been Stolen … Now What?

The hottest item for sale on the black market is healthcare information…your healthcare information!!

‘Threat Organizations’ aka Hackers, Cybercriminals, etc. are preying on the healthcare industry to steal patient information for many reasons and patient beware!!

Most recently a large healthcare organization was hacked and over 80 million patient names were taken from this companies database.  The worst part of this was that the threat organization was embedded in the IT systems of this company for over 1 month.

What does this mean?  Besides increasing the cost of healthcare due to this tragedy, we will also need to ensure our credit and healthcare records are now guarded.  This rule should follow for groups that had information accessed and those that did not.

Providers and Healthcare organizations need to act now.

PRN Advisors has an ecosystem to prevent this type of costly disruption as well as putting proactive safeguards in this up and coming threat.

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